Thursday, August 7, 2008

Music Applications for the iphone

I have been getting familiar with the blogging concept and I was checking out some other Music Technology Blogs. They linked me to some youtube videos on the new iphone applications. "iband" is new applications designed by a guy in the UK who works as Developer ( Mark Terry) in the Insurance industry. He mentions in the video, he has been designing this application in his spare time. Nice...I am looking after my 3 and 6 year old and refinishing a cedar deck. Here are the links to the demonstrations.

My thoughts.... I see this technology and it blows me away. I still want my students to play instruments... ( what some would call traditional), but then other parts of me say, however, we can get them hooked we have got to use all available tools. These short video clips could provide some excellent interjections in the Music Classroom. Before we ban mp3 players, and phones from school. Remember some of the applications we are seeing here today.

Overview and introduction to the product.

Commercial advertising the application. Song title (LIFE IS GREATER THEN THE INTERNET)

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, iphone drummer application.

( I think these videos would provide some serious "question and discussion" sessions for Music Class. Topical issues regarding upcoming school dances ( providing in house DJs etc.., copyrights, What is authentic or real music?)


Ian said...

I like your approach here Ryan, I think that in the educational world in this day and age, instead of fearing and banning new technology - utilize it as teaching tool. There is such a mass of programs for even lesser phones and hand held devices than the iPhone, that could be used to benefit the student. This would appear to be why you are teaching others how to use technology in the classroom - because you get it.

As a speaker and facilitator in the school system, it is great to see people embrace tech and use it. There are too many people out there who think new=bad. Good on ya!

quietlaughter said...

Well, it is interesting how quickly the phenomenon of the iphone has spread and taken over... I agree - the videos that you posted will definitely will be a good starting point for students to discuss how this new technology will change and reshape dances - and bring into focus issues like copyright, what is 'real' and not authentic.

An artist friend of mine has some really interesting ideas about the music industry and how all of this new technology is changing the industry itself - out of necessity:

check it out if you have the time - David has some great ideas.

by the way, love the blog - look forward to reading more about your thoughts on the impact of technology and the way it affects our traditional ideas about music and the arts.