Monday, August 4, 2008

Technology in the Music Classroom # 1

The purpose of this blogg "TECHNOLOGY IN THE MUSIC CLASSROOM" is to post thoughts, ideas, and techniques for including "technology" in the Music Classroom. I believe that for too long the Music Educators of the world have been losing great musicians to the realm of Computer technology.

For those of you that are already Music Educators and Musicians, it may have been a while, but I am sure your can remember how many hours "you" (the music geeks) use to spend locked in a bedroom, basement, and/or a rehearsal studio where you would practice, and practice, and practice some more. Think of today's kids (the computer geeks) locked in their bedrooms and basements, they are diverging in a million different directions with all kinds of computer based technology projects on the go, designing web pages, blogs, pod casts, web casts, youtube videos, and playing thousands of hours video games.

... Surely, a great music program could help stimulate some of that limited practice 'time" by merging Instrumental practice with computer technology.

If I were to achieve my goal in setting up this particular blog it would be to encourage my colleagues to provide and facilitate more opportunities to use Computer Technology to support the development and education of our future great Musicians.

  • Install Active Whiteboard into Music Classrooms.
  • Incorporate Data projectors and Big screens in Band Rehearsal and Music classrooms
  • Utilize powerful Desktop or Laptop computers connected to Data projectors on Big Screens with Powerful Sound systems.
  • Expose students to Computer tools for musicians ( research, performance assessment, notation software, recording software, and publishing software.)

Yes, This will require budget and planning... so what? An investment in technology has been proven in many school districts to attract more students into their programs by providing differentiated instruction. More Students usually equals more money.

I would like to be able to inspire some music teachers to allow more technology in their Music Programs. Technology can be employed to help assist students with Practice and Rehearsal software, Notation Software, Audio Recording software, online data bases, tutorial based software. It is very simple the computers do not need to replace the Instruments, this technology will simply provide opportunities to enhance listening and performance skills.

I plan to include links to great information and free stuff. This is part of my job as Tech Coordinator. I am always thinking about what my students and my own kids need to have a solid music education in the 21st century.


Mr. Tech

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